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Weight loss drug causes liver damage, loss of sleep, possible homicidal rage

In today's weight loss products to stay the hell away from, I bring you Hydroxycut.

Taken off the market in 2009 because of complaints of liver damage, it was "reformulated" and became available again. Last week, a woman who had been taking it and was sleep deprived went into a delusional, homicidal rage and killed her daughter with scissors. The original Associated Press article, Nev. mom kills daughter, 6, with scissors is propagating as we speak.

Did this horrible tragedy have something to do with the weight loss drug, or was this woman just out of her mind to begin with?

Who knows, but between the liver damage, the loss of sleep and the possible delusions, I'm thinking this is a drug to avoid.

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March 16th, 2012 | Link | My son took Hydroxycut for a

My son took Hydroxycut for a while, a couple of years ago, and had to quit taking it because he had problems controlling his temper while he was using it. He already has anger management issues, and the Hydroxycut made them worse. Not to mention the fact that he wasn't getting enough sleep and it also made his heartburn issues much worse. All of those problems resolved themselves when he quit taking the Hydroxycut. I know this is just anecdotal, but I would venture to say that anyone who has anger management issues or any other health issue at all probably shouldn't take Hydroxycut or any drug remotely like it.

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closetpuritan March 16th, 2012 | Link | hard to determine causality

This reminds me of a recent case where a girl died from dehydration after being forced to run for 3 hours as punishment for lying about eating candy bars. (She did not appear fat, based on the picture.) Like the Hydroxycut case, it's not really possible to know whether this would have happened without the obesity panic; I suspect that it shaped the form of the abuse, but I'm sure they would have found (and already were finding) other reasons and ways not related to food and exercise to abuse her.

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