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Talking Fat now available

Talking Fat: Health vs. Persuasion in the War on our Bodies is now available from Pearlsong Press, Amazon and Barnes and Noble online. Amazon says temporarily out of stock because the book is print on demand. If you order it now, you should receive it in a timely manner (depending on Amazon).

I will be at the NAAFA conference. I will not be selling books there. However, if you get a book beforehand, find me, and I’ll gladly sign it for you. Feel free to come up and introduce yourself – I’d love to meet some of our readers! (Look for the tall, fat blonde with a long nose and a Texas accent.)

See you at NAAFA!

Study: Weight isn't the real issue | Man fired because of his size wins lawsuit

vesta44's picture
July 24th, 2012 | Link | I left feedback for Amazon

I left feedback for Amazon that I'd like to see the book available for Kindle - I don't have any more room for physical books, but I have plenty of room on my Kindle and my computer for ebooks.

WLS - Sorry, not my preferred way of dying. *glares at doctor recommending it*

DeeLeigh's picture
July 25th, 2012 | Link | I just ordered my copy.

I just ordered my copy. Thanks, Mechanical Turk balance.

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