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Southwest Airlines: at it again

Southwest Airlines employees thought that it would be a good idea to try to cull the numbers on an overbooked flight by humiliating this young woman. By the organized nature of the incident, it seems likely that it was done according to company policy.

Marilyn Wann has written about it here at SFWeeky, in an article entitled Let's Look at Society's Love/Hate Relationship with Fat People.

I'd just say, boycott Southwest and encourage your friends, family and colleagues to do the same. If you have influence over corporate travel planning, don't use this airline. Do you want any of your company's people to be treated like this? If you're making travel plans with your family, do you want to expose them to this? And if you're all thin then just think, what if they'd used a different excuse to try to force people off of an overbooked flight? If they're willing to treat anyone this way, they're probably willing to treat everyone this way.

This is ethically wrong. It is no way to treat customers. Let's show them that it's also bad business.

Back to School | Daily Mail publishes good article, well camouflaged by title.

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