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South Park Skewers School BMI Testing

Mandatory South Park disclaimer: Many people find South Park offensive and juvenile in a way that is disturbingly unfit for children. If you are lacking a rude, insensitive, irreverent and sexually precocious inner 12 year old, then you are quite possibly a better person than I am, and be warned!

Phew. So let's talk about South Park's "T.M.I." episode. You can find the full episode here if you live in North America and you can view an excerpt here if you live in the UK or Ireland. If you can't watch it (or can't stand to watch it), there's a summery of it and some good analysis here, at More of Me to Love. And obviously, it's available elsewhere for those who are not strictly legal in their on-line viewing.

Most people will be aware that TMI is short for "too much information," and in this episode, it refers to an arcane method for classifying penis size. Obviously, it's also one letter away from BMI. Fat character Cartman, through a misunderstanding, makes the information on the boys' penis length available to the whole school, and is also the one with the smallest measurement. However, it tuns out that scientists and the Surgeon General support classification by TMI, but are willing to redefine their very judgmental categories ('small, 'medium' and 'nice') when it turns out that telling men and boys that they have small penises gives them problems with anger management.

The idea of measuring BMI in school and making it public information and/or treating it as something appropriate to put on a "report card" is ripe for parody. Hopefully we'll see it ridiculed even more in the future, perhaps even without anti-fat digs being added in for balance.

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