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Shout-Out: Linda Bacon's 'Health at Every Size'

I wanted to give a shout-out to Dr. Linda Bacon for her new book, Health at Every Size. The book's site includes an endorsements page that reads like a who's who within the fat community.

Linda was kind enough to provide a review copy for BFB (thanks again) - but I'm wondering if any readers have had a chance to read or start to read this book. Everything I've seen has been truly positive.

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March 4th, 2009 | Link | I've read it and recommend

I've read it and recommend it for reading by anyone, whatever their size.

Moody Blue's picture
Moody Blue
March 10th, 2009 | Link | I'm going to order this book

I'm going to order this book as soon as I get paid.

It's about time for a book like this. Bravo, Dr. Bacon! I also see on her site that there is going to be a section about her book in O magazine. I hope Oprah reads AND recommends this book and takes it to heart for herself! Eye-wink

pocomommy March 13th, 2009 | Link | I devoured Linda Bacon's

I devoured Linda Bacon's book (yes, pun intended) the minute it rolled off the presses. I think my bookshelf has every major book written on SA/FA/obesity myths that has ever been written. The HAES book is good, sound writing. I could see this book being used for a discussion group or even in a college classroom.

Sadly, it did not do what I was hoping it would do. Yes, these were MY expectations, not a failing on Linda Bacon's part. I wanted a book that I could hand to my friends and family and say "See! this is what I've been talking about!" One that would help them understand. Maybe not necessarily convince them to come over to the Dark Side (hee hee) but one that would get them thinking. I wanted a book that I could hand to my friends who are miserable about their bodies and which would help them see the light that they don't have to be miserable, that self-love and self-care is theirs for the taking, at any size. I wanted a book that I could be reasonably sure would produce an "aha" moment in some of my friends. And I don't think this is that book.

Her arguements are sound. The writing is clear. She has presented what many other authors have written about, and presented it well. But there is a lack of passion or connectedness that, for me, leaves the work somewhat sterile. I have not passed the book to others, and probably won't. I will still use Paul Campos' Obesity Myth or Gina Kolata's Rethinking Thin in hopes of igniting "aha" moments in my friends.

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March 15th, 2009 | Link | Linda's book is necessary for your fat shelf!

I was honored to offer a blurb for Linda's book. I think its a necessary read for all of us in communities of resistance to fat hate and weight-centered thinking. I also think it's a necessary book for people who actively carry fat hate and choose to live in a weight-centric paradigm. Linda lays out new data and organizes her arguments in ways other authors have not done.

(Just fyi, book titles aren't copyrighted.)

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