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Given we're socially acceptable, here's a roundup of fat of fat people I've seen in the US mass media lately.

  • A State Farm commercial comparing their rates with other companies' uses visual metaphors to get the job done. "What if you could get this... for the same price as this?" One of the negative comparisons shows a thin woman on a plane crammed between two loud, obnoxious fat guys. Great! Of course they need to be fat.
  • Capital One's latest promotion for their rewards credit card uses a medieval theme. When a hero returns from slaying a dragon and is offered the king's daughter in marriage, she comes out and... whaddaya know, she's got a unibrow, pimples, and... is fat! The play is, of course, that she's ugly. But fat too!
  • The Food Network recently reran Alton Brown's Feasting on Asphalt. I like Alton Brown, but his anti-fat stance is tiring. When talking about fried foods recently he said (paraphrasing - not a precise quote): of course we like fried foods. Look at us!
  • Apple released a new iMac. It's thin. So their promotion on right now? You can't be too thin. Or too powerful. Uh, yes you can. Well, at least you're not fat! Updated: Apple has removed the slogan. All right!
  • The Travel Channel recently ran a rather even-handed look at fat air travel, XXL Travel. (I'll be posting a review soon.) Their website includes links to resources and, whaddaya know, there's a link provided for Camp Shane, a weight loss camp for kids. Discovery says the focus is "not on dieting on exercising". On Camp Shane's front page? "Awesome weight loss." Also, links to oldy moldy NAAFA documents (but hey, they found them and linked them!) and craptastic discussions about how we choose to be fat, etc. etc. which ignore the point that we're openly discriminated against at airlines such as Southwest.

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ceilidh August 15th, 2007 | Link | I saw a commerical the other

I saw a commerical the other night for Cingular/AT&T/Whoever they are this week, that really got to me. They were bragging about their "fewest dropped calls" network. A guy calls his meat supplier and asks for a large amount of whatever. Supplier says he can't get him that much. Guy asks, "What? Did your wife eat it all?" of course at this point the guys cell phone has dropped the call. He thinks he's offended the supplier (ya think?) but actually, and this is the part that really ticks me off, the supplier is laughing his ass off! He thinks it is funny that the guy is making fun of his wife. What a jerk.

I've only seen the commerical once thank God.

stef's picture
August 15th, 2007 | Link | Another fat-negative ad

There's this ad I saw on Animal Planet a few times in the last few days...I can't remember what it's actually selling, but the gist is that a woman keeps opening a closet and seeing something in there, then another woman's voice says "Upgrade!" and the closet opens again and she sees something supposedly upgraded. One thing she sees is a fat guy, and after the "Upgrade!" she sees a muscley guy using a weight machine.

honeybuny August 15th, 2007 | Link | sadly, the ad is for

sadly, the ad is for Tampons. and it's really pretty terrible, i have to agree.

ZoeC August 17th, 2007 | Link | As a die-hard Mac geek, I

As a die-hard Mac geek, I was very disappointed with the whole "You can't be too thin..." BS with the new iMac.

elasticwaist August 29th, 2007 | Link | while i'm totally surprised

while i'm totally surprised apple even used the "you can't be too thin" thing, i'm impressed they took it down.

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