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Presenting Lonie McMichael

Lonie McMichael is a graduate student in Technical Communication and Rhetoric at Texas Tech University. She's been following BFB and the other Fatophere blogs since 2003 and has done a number of related fat-positive research projects, including an online focus group and digital interviews. She promised the participants that she would disseminate the information to the Fatosphere when she was finished, and now she's ready to present her work.

Over the next couple of months, BFB will be publishing weekly blog posts where Lonie McMichael will discuss her research. The first one will be posted this week.

Here's the abstract for her dissertation:

Our current solutions to the obesity epidemic are only making individuals less healthy in their pursuit for thinness while creating an environment of prejudice towards fat individuals. In response, a group of fat individuals are banding together in informal, online communities, which they call “the Fatosphere,” rejecting the belief that they must lose weight to be healthy, a proposition that fails 95% of the time, and embracing ideas such as Health At Every Size, a non-weight-centric health approach with much better results than dieting.

Using bell hooks’ ideology of domination as a theoretical basis, I examined these ideas through digital interviews of Fatosphere participants and a rhetorical analysis of Fatosphere blogs. In conclusion, I assert that fat individuals experience domination much as other oppressed groups with a significant exception: the belief that the majority of fat bodies can be permanently made thinner – a belief that has no scientific evidence backing it. This societal belief leads fat individuals to experience a particular bind – a Sisyphean bind – demanding that the individual succeed at a futile task, one that must be performed over and over again, before being considered worthy to receive what others are granted automatically.

Welcome to BFB's front page, Lonie!

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BigLiberty's picture
January 3rd, 2011 | Link | Welcome, Lonie! Your

Welcome, Lonie! Your abstract is very interesting; I've always thought the presumed 'changeable' nature of the deviant characteristics associated with fat people and how that makes them suffer a rather unique kind of discrimination/oppression needed more study. Looking forward to your posts. Smiling

pocomommy January 3rd, 2011 | Link | Welcome! Oh, and go Red

Welcome! Oh, and go Red Raiders! (I am a TTU alum...)

loniemc January 4th, 2011 | Link | Thanks, everyone. Looking

Thanks, everyone. Looking forward to it.

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