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NWSA 2013 Fat Studies Interest Group Call for Papers

NWSA 2013 Fat Studies Interest Group Call for Papers
November 7-10, 2013, Cincinnati, OH.
Papers on any topic at the intersection of women's studies/ feminism/ womanism/ gender/ sexuality and fat studies will be considered.

At minimum, your submission should fall under one of the following themes for NWSA 2013:

* The Sacred and the Profane
*Borders and Margins
*Futures of the Feminist Past
*Body Politics
*Practices of Effecting Change

For more information on the themes, visit:

While this is an open call, topic suggestions from last year's meeting include:

-Defining and Refining Fat Studies
-Fatness and Beauty Ideals/Beauty Privilege
-Women of Color and Body Size/Fatness
-Fat Intersections (including race, nationality, disability, sexuality, appearance/beauty)
-Teaching Fat Studies (professorial bodies, student bodies, resistance)
-Fat Feminist Research Methods (including role of the researcher body)
-Fat Feminists Theorizing the Body
-Fatopias/Fat Utopias
-Transnational Fat Bodies (immigration, globalization)
-Fat Performance/Performing Fatness/Fat Icons
-Fat Activism & Feminism/Fatosphere

If you are interested in being a part of the 2013 Fat Studies panels at NWSA, please send the following info by February 13, 2013 to NWSA Fat Studies Interest Group Co-Chairs Michaela A. Nowell and Candice Buss: ( and Please make sure one of us confirms receipt of your submission.

Your submission should include your:
*Name, Institutional Affiliation, Snail Mail, Email, Phone.
*NWSA Theme your paper fits under (and fat studies topic area/s if yours fits any of the above).
*Title for your talk, a one-page, double-spaced abstract in which you lay out your topic and its relevance to this session.
*AND a 100 word truncated abstract (NWSA requirement).

Each person will speak for around 15 minutes, and we will leave time for Q&A. In order to present with your name in the program, you must become a member of NWSA in addition to registering for the conference.
If you submit a fat studies related paper or panel, you can tag it with the keyword 'fat feminisms,' and likewise search the program for 'fat feminisms' to find relevant panels. If you submit a paper or panel on your own, we encourage you to use this keyword if your paper or panel fits the bill. We thank NWSA for adding a keyword that helps conference attendees locate fat studies panels.

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pani113's picture
February 8th, 2013 | Link | I would like to ad a

I would like to ad a warning. If you have never presented a paper before, I would not recommend this group be your first attempt. I have submitted to the Popular Cultural Society (regional and national) and never had a problem. But this group turned me down last year because I apparently used a term some now consider political incorrect! News to me, someone who has taught cultural diversity for years with excellent student evaluation rates. It certainly wasn't politically incorrect when I was doing my master's on weight discrimination back when fat studies did not exist. And it was a very common term among feminist of the 60s, 70s and 80s. But apparently it fell out of vogue and group think being what it is in the uber vigilant world of academia.....

In retrospect, it was probably good I did not present. I have no intention of changing my focus or eliminating the term because my specialty is applied sociology - brining the concepts to the masses. So I don't really care what the mind guards in the hallowed halls think. I want to make it useful and practical and sometimes it means operating outside the hyper sensibilities of the intellectual elite.

It is also true that academics, used to direct "constructive criticism" themselves, don't always realize how they are coming off to outsiders. If you know what this group is about and have a high degree of philosophical alignment with them, I am sure it may be a wonderful opportunity. But if you are a dabbler who wants a new experience, I would try one of the Popular Culture conferences first.

p.s. I deliberately omitted the term I used because I don't want to stir up controversy. It reminded me of other raging debates here on BFB and I don't want to open that can of worms. I will say that feminists academics have their own reality and what profoundly offends them is not necessarily true for the rest of us!

"Fat can be beautiful. Intolerance is ALWAYS ugly!"

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