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Fat Camp? No, Fat School

Apparently while kids are driving up the cost of education simply by being fat, there's enough money out there to open up a boarding school for fat kids. This small school has all the necessities a fat kid would need, and its goal is well-stated:

"We're almost making them professors of successful weight loss," said Molly Carmel, the school's deputy clinical director.

So, forget about the sciences or arts - learning weight loss is key. [Many people sent this in - thanks!]

Education Costs Rising; Blame Fat | Bullying

maggie September 28th, 2004 | Link | that is just f'ed up and
that is just f'ed up and SCARY. (forgive my lack of substance, but that's just my initial reaction.)
Bridget September 28th, 2004 | Link | "Experts say fat children
"Experts say fat children face low self-esteem and are more likely to be targeted by bullies." So it's the fat kids' fault for being bullied because as a result they have low self esteem and become targets? Total "blame the victim" mentality.
Imagynne September 28th, 2004 | Link | Shit, dude. If only I could
Shit, dude. If only I could have gone to one of those schools. I could have bypassed molecular biology and learned how to mutilate myself from the inside out, instead. I should really scold my parents for that lapse in judgement.
wicked September 28th, 2004 | Link | eeeek :'"This is definitely
eeeek :'"This is definitely the last resort before surgery," Mal said' No anything but surgery for kids and teens! I am conflicted when I see things like this-awful as they are it almost seems like they stave off the even worse and in many cases irreversible "surgery"....At least you can drop out of fat camp/school whatever when you realise how destructive they are.....
stef September 28th, 2004 | Link | Can you say "brainwashing"?
Can you say "brainwashing"?
mars September 28th, 2004 | Link | Quote "The rigorous schedule
Quote "The rigorous schedule is designed to jump-start a sedentary lifestyle that has turned kids into 3-year-olds when it comes to activity, said clinical director Daniel Kirschenbaum."!!!! Obviously Mr. Kirshebaum has never seen, much less tried to keep up with, a three year old. Also, why don't black *boys* get fat??? Aaagh!
EmilyH September 29th, 2004 | Link | Now that's scary. I hope
Now that's scary. I hope they watch those kids for suicidal tendencies.
GirlyGirl September 29th, 2004 | Link | Oh, good idea, let's
Oh, good idea, let's anlienate fat kids even more by sending them to a school specifically for fat kids. That's something that will follow them around for life. "Ohh you went to the FAT KID SCHOOL?" Imagine the class reunions.
Stefanie September 30th, 2004 | Link | Think of it from the teen's
Think of it from the teen's POV - they're being sent away from their families, their neighbors, their own school, their friends, because of their *fat.* That's just sick and wrong.
michelle September 30th, 2004 | Link | I suppose it should be no
I suppose it should be no surprise that when it comes to body weight, the "cures" are always the most expensive option. Diet food is always the most expensive, the pills cost a fortune (until they kill the buyer), the surgeries and follow ups are mortgage worthy... I can't believe we are the only ones to see the $$ connection. If all of this were really "good" for us, why is it so much more than the average person could ever afford?
Lizzy September 30th, 2004 | Link | If all this were good for
If all this were good for us, why would they still be throwing around that 60% figure? I mean, these diets, pills, surgeries, and excersize machines have been around for decades. For sure we would be healthier with all the money (surely billions?) that americans have been spending on them.
MichMurphy September 30th, 2004 | Link | I think I'll start a school
I think I'll start a school for fat kids that teaches them to like themselves, learn how to deal with being 'different' in a world that worships conformity, and develop the critical thinking skills to avoid doing self-destructive things (ie dieting and WLS), despite all the pressure.
Venus September 30th, 2004 | Link | "Experts say fat kids
"Experts say fat kids facelow self esteem and are more likely to be targeted by bullies". That's IT...where are the camps to cure skinny Jewish girls of their Jewishness and their thinness? Because I was targeted for being BOTH when I went to school! Weight gain-conversion to Christianity camps, anyone?
Lizzy September 30th, 2004 | Link | Where's the camp to change
Where's the camp to change my last name? I was teased mercilessly for that, too.
EmilyH October 1st, 2004 | Link | MichMurphy, that sounds like
MichMurphy, that sounds like a good idea. IMHO, it shouldn't be done for just fat kids though...all kids with self-esteem issues. If you're seriously considering it, more power to you. :)

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