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The Obesity Scam

When I saw an article titled "The Obesity Scam," I must admit my first thought was, "Paul Campos." But no! This is a short piece by Alan Caruba. Except for the semi-exaggerated conclusion of the entire "fat is bad' movement (ie, fat people being turned away at restaurants) and simplistic support for why fat is genetic (fat people at family reunions,) he goes after the 300,000 deaths per year figure and a few other popular misconceptions.

Carnie's Crusade | Drugmakers Want FDA Approval Now

Sharon September 14th, 2004 | Link | Eeek, his idea that
Eeek, his idea that restaurants might one day turn away fat people because they don't want to be sued - scary! I wonder whether that's a real possibility or whether restaurant's perception of us as large eaters would dominate. Which has the stronger lure? Cash or not being sued? Apparently, for the weight loss drugs companies, it is the cash.
pseu September 14th, 2004 | Link | Hmm, IMHO it was a
Hmm, IMHO it was a hyperbolic and poorly written article. I'm always glad to see articles (or in this case, opinion pieces) debunking current obesity myths, however I can't help but wish that some of them were better argued and less over-the-top.
Micki September 14th, 2004 | Link | This is a typical
This is a typical libertarian, anti-government piece which claims regulation of the tobacco industry will lead to restrictions on food. The flaw in the logic is that the $50 billion diet industry is the one pumping out the propanda, and the government is in bed with them.
Micki September 14th, 2004 | Link | I meant "propaganda"
I meant "propaganda"
wicked September 14th, 2004 | Link | I have to say though that I
I have to say though that I do not like Alan Caruba.. he is an extreme right wing nut job and I doubt he cares about fat people-he writes for Capitalism Mag on the far right and his only problem with the "obesity epidemic" is adverse consequences to poor little Mickey D's etc.
wicked September 14th, 2004 | Link | other articles by this
other articles by this person are listed here: I instinctively distrust journalists & writers(who are supposed to be objective) who like to call all people who disagree with them "terrorists" , "loonies" etc. this person is a clone of dear old Ricky Berman of the centre for "consumer" freedom and other such "objective" organizations and weeps tears of blood over the tobacco/fast food corporations' sorrows...
liberty September 14th, 2004 | Link | it *really* bothered me that
it *really* bothered me that he blamed animal rights activists first and foremost. grrr ... as a vegan, and a devout anti-PETA person, i hear by declare that not all of us are skinny fat-phobes, and we are not to blame for the obesity myth. i mean, who really listens to PETA?
lesley September 15th, 2004 | Link | His lawsuits analogy is very
His lawsuits analogy is very poor. The lawsuits against tobacco companies cannot be compared to lawsuits against fast-food chains. Tobacco companies lied for years about the harmful effects of their product on health, they even went as far as hiding the results of their own research on the subject. Fast-food chains don't lie about their products. Leaflets detailing the ingredients, calories and nutritional value of McDonalds products have been available for years. Personally I think all lawsuits against fast-food companies are frivolous whereas a fair number (but not all) of lawsuits against tobacco companies are genuine.
michelle September 16th, 2004 | Link | It is always amazing to see
It is always amazing to see who is on your side in certain issues, when their outlook is so radically different everywhere else.
Lizzy September 17th, 2004 | Link | I can't believe he calls it
I can't believe he calls it a lifestyle choice. Is being tall a lifestyle choice? Sure, there are environmental factors that can cause one to be large, but there are also environmental factors that can cause one to be short.

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