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Anna Nicole 'Too' Thin?

Michelle sent in a transcript from Larry King Live in which King interviews Anna Nicole Smith, who has dropped a lot of weight. She credits a diet pill for her loss, but the interesting part of the interview is that Smith feels she's now too thin. It's a little hard to follow the whole thing, as Smith goes back-and-forth on many things, but the gist I got from it is that she's still not happy with her body's size.

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Terri February 11th, 2004 | Link | Anna Nicole Smith will NEVER
Anna Nicole Smith will NEVER be happy with herself, IMO. I watched her show a couple of times and thought it was awful beyond belief. She appeared to be either stoned out of her gourd or else extremely drunk. Her body weight wasn't even a factor in my mind, but it seems like that's the one thing everyone was focused on. Drugs are way worse than being fat, but I guess it just goes to show you that there are too many idiots out there who can't see the forest for the trees.
Char February 12th, 2004 | Link | Anna Nicole Smith makes me
Anna Nicole Smith makes me believe in Karma. She has had incredible oppurtunities despite relatively little effort. But of course her life plays out as an all to public train wreck. I dont' think she deserves the money from her departed husband, and yet, I don't think she deserves the treatment she recieves about her weight or intelligence. I figure those two cancel each other out. I love the comments she made though: she wasn't unhappy with her weight (300 pounds?), she was unhappy at being mocked! She wasn't uncomfortable, she wasn't unhealthy, she was wasn't even unpopular. She just was just bullied. Whatever you think of Ms Smith, you gotta admire that she didn't BS about why she lost weight.
turtlegrrl February 12th, 2004 | Link | Anna Nicole is a very sad,
Anna Nicole is a very sad, confused, royally screwed-up young woman, & I am afraid that I agree that she will never be happy with herself. I am also afraid that I personally don't care what she does or what happens to her. I don't much like watching train wrecks.
michelle February 14th, 2004 | Link | this week's People magazine
this week's People magazine had a full page ad for the "diet pill" she supposedly uses, calld TrimSpa. I noticed this particular brand of snake oil is especially creative - it supposedly has "an ingredient" used by African tribesmen[sic] to suppress hunger while on long hunting journeys. I was rather impressed with that one. that being said, I am terribly uncomfortable with the conversation in the transcript. she states several times that she is too thin, as Anna has always been about being a little bigger than the usual model - and Larry keeps disagreeing with her. but then, have you seen his statuesque, much younger wife? he says you can never be too thin. I hate that troll.
kylie February 16th, 2004 | Link | Wow! If I was Trimspa I
Wow! If I was Trimspa I would be wanting my money back. That did not sound like a glowing endorsement of the product. At one stage she pratically said it was bad! Doesn't sound like much fun to me... She NEVER wants to eat!? And don't even get me started on the exercise thing.
Maria February 16th, 2004 | Link | Anna Nicole Smith has always
Anna Nicole Smith has always had a kickass, zinger honesty that I've always admired. Despite her problems (and she has many), she's never been afraid to tell her life like it is, and she's never backed down from a fight. The thing with Larry King is that the transcripts show that he was fixated on her weight far more than ANS ever was. In fact, she put him straight a couple of times, saying that it'a crap to think you can never be too thin, or that she doesn't know why she gained weight and no one ever will. It's so easy to dismiss her because she sounds drugged up and she put on her life in public stage for everyone to ridicule. But she's got some deep wisdom, and I believe she's telling the truth.
Tirinaur February 17th, 2004 | Link | The way Larry grilled her
The way Larry grilled her about her weight was disgusting. I cringed when he asked her what she would eat in a given day. Who the hell cares?
gdakota February 25th, 2004 | Link | that Larry King interview
that Larry King interview with Anna Nicole Smith is even more hilarious in the way this website edited the interviews. Hilarious... link below
palepink February 25th, 2004 | Link | I think Larry King's
I think Larry King's obsession with ANS's weight loss borders on the depraved: ie-the relentless questioning of how much have you lost, what do you weigh, what do you eat - and worse of all - get up and turn around for us, let us see how you look. Ugh. Depressing and disturbing.

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