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Another WLS Death

Multiple readers sent in word of another death due to weight loss surgery. The death rate is 1 in 200, and a doctor at the hospital where the patient died says:
"I think the true risk of this procedure is becoming more known," said Dr. Vincent Pera, director of the weight management program at Miriam Hospital in Providence.

Naturally, the advertisement on the right side of the page this article was on, for me, was a diet ad. I wonder when people will get it.

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turtlegrrl November 23rd, 2003 | Link | We have been discussing this
We have been discussing this subject a lot in the Cafe lately, Paul, & Sandy says that the quoted numbers are more like one death in 100, & that, when you do deeper research, as she of course does, that the actual numbers are MUCH higher than that. They conveniently don't count the ones who die a few weeks or months post-op of complications, &, as this industry does have the tendency to do, they also put a spin on things whenever possible, & blame "obesity" for many deaths, rather than WLS. Damn these butchers & their brainwashing & damn this culture for making so many people believe that the size of one's body is the most important thing in the world...more important than life!

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