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Here's an interesting article on Nancy Esposito, otherwise known as Nancy Goddess. She's a New York-based person who has a "calling" in fat. That said, Nancy was told to lose 165 pounds in order to have knee surgery - and she had gastric bypass surgery to do it.

Her story is steeped in fat acceptance and, in fact, the glorification of fat despite her surgery.

A rather interesting segment of the article can be found towards the end. Women featured on Nancy's TV show - large women who dance freely, creatively, without inhibition - later say they'd trade in being fat any day of the week. Dr. Dirk Rodriguez, a physician at the Methodist Dallas Medical Center in Texas, is quoted as saying, "Anyone who says, 'It's great being overweight!' is denying reality."

I'd like to hear your thoughts on Nancy, and your thoughts on Dr. Rodriguez's quote as well.

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kylie November 11th, 2003 | Link | Sorry, I don't get it. She's
Sorry, I don't get it. She's too fat for Knee surgery, but not too fat for major adbominal surgery??!!
turtlegrrl November 11th, 2003 | Link | We have discussed this in
We have discussed this in the Cafe, & I agree, it is ludicrous that she could have WLS but not knee surgery. Marilyn has met the woman, & seems angry that, with all her contacts in the fat community, she could not find better help & take a better route to getting her knee taken care of. As for the doctor's comment, what do you EXPECT a doctor to be saying? There are a few enlightened, size positive doctors around, but most are very fatphobic & convinced that being fat is one of the worst things that can happen to anyone, & that no one could possibly be healthy or happy or have a good life living in a fat body. Considering the source, I am not surprised.
ajoyce November 11th, 2003 | Link | Aside from the doctor's
Aside from the doctor's odious use of the "O-word," there are multiple ways to interpret his statement. Of course life sucks (at least to a certain degree) when you're constantly discriminated against. Twenty-five, even twenty years ago, you could have substituted the word "deviant" for "overweight," and most doctors would have made the same statement about anyone who was not heterosexual. And let's face it, sometimes it gets pretty damn tiring having to go up against it all the time, and I, too, have often wished for a smaller body so I could just "fit in" already. I don't blame anyone a bit for feeling that way. Who wants life to be a constant struggle to justify one's existence? But it all reminds me of that old Saturday Night Live routine, "X-Police," wherein Al Franken and Tom Davis played Dirty Harry-style former cops turned vigilantes, who killed a lesbian couple in their home for no apparent reason, after which one of them intoned sagely, "Another homosexuality-related death." It's really skanky to make statements that foster discrimination, and then turn around and say, "Gee, your life must suck, being discriminated against and all. Why don't you change?"
turtlegrrl November 11th, 2003 | Link | That's just it, Andee. The
That's just it, Andee. The things that really "suck" about being fat for most people don't have anything to do with REAL, increased health risks & the lack of the possibility of a good quality of life, but the discrimination fat people face, the experience of being told constantly that they are not good enough, thin enough, that they are freaks, gluttons, slob, "deviants", as you say. That lovely sweeping statement about not making it to 55 says a lot about this doctor's personal prejudice, as well as his ignorance; I know & have known & been related to many fat people who have lived to 75, 85, 95, & beyond. This is precisely the kind of scare tactic, the kind of "threats" doctors use with fat people to try to make them toe the thin, & follow that diet or have WLS. "If you don't, you will die." Guess what? "Eat right, exercise, die anyway"...whether you are fat or thin. There IS no immortality. Thin people die too, & some studies have shown, for instance, that fashion models tend to die younger than fat women do. I don't have any problems "fitting in" where I live, so my negative feelings have come mostly from self-esteem problems, & the things I needed to resolve about my old sexual abuse issues, etc. However, I have always loved that attitude of, "If you are discriminated against, change." Oh, yes, fat people need to become thin, gay people need to become straight, & those like me, who have a disability, need to become able-bodied, & all our problems will be solved.
meg November 13th, 2003 | Link | Nancy Goddess definitely
Nancy Goddess definitely needs another knee surgeon! Cartilage surgery is done with a tiny incision and a laproscope nowadays. Hers is a loony.
Netekay November 17th, 2003 | Link | Hmmm, this article REALLY
Hmmm, this article REALLY angered me! You see, in 1997, while doing a Richard Simmon's exercise video, I popped the cartiledge out of my right knee. I weighed between 290-300 pounds. The doctors in my city said that it was only tendonitis and sent me away with Advil. After an MRI, which I had to request, they thought I had torn my ACL. I got a referral to a university hospital near me and saw a doctor there who was unconcerned with my weight and the surgery was performed. He was absolutely wonderful about the whole thing. Now, a torn meniscus, as I understand it, is a procedure also done through a scope, so I don't get it. I can find a surgeon out here in the boonies of Iowa who will do the surgery, yet she is in NYC and they say WLS or no knee surgery. This is SO WRONG! I am glad that everything has come out ok for her but I still think it is REALLY sad that she has to go through this!
QitelRemel February 25th, 2004 | Link | I can't find the pageóI
I can't find the pageóI get an error message!

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