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NPR personality Daniel Pinkwater was determined to find the best car for his girth.
I continued observing. I saw many styles and many vehicles. Most impressive were those who more or less ran at the open door, head lowered, and simply hurled themselves into their cars. Others stood up on the doorsill, and seemed to melt downward into the car, like the witch in the Wizard of Oz. Nobody my size, or even slightly smaller, appeared to have a better shot at the driver's seat than I did.
The results, and more, at [via Jerry]

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Cat May 20th, 2002 | Link | Ah, yes, the Beetle wins
Ah, yes, the Beetle wins praise for fat folks again! You know, for a couple of years now I've seen references to the new Beetle being a "girl's" car. No,'s a fat person's car! I know I love my bug. My next car will be a Beetle too. You'd think with all the talk of how fat the nation is that more of the the cars would be roomier like the Beetle. No sirree... not in my experience shopping 'round.
sheena May 20th, 2002 | Link | I'm not fat or anything but
I'm not fat or anything but I read the article and it makes me sad to know that people think about their so much that it affects the car they drive and their life style. I was very skinny as a child but i never let it get me down. I just want everyone to know you should have pride in your self. NO matter your size do what you want to do, wear what you want to wear, drive what you wnt to drive. as long as you are happy.
Cat May 20th, 2002 | Link | Sheena, For many fat
Sheena, For many fat people, researching the type of car that they drive is a necessary thing. We simply just don't fit in some cars. It's most often not a self esteem issue, rather a my-big-fat-butt-can't-fit-in-a-Porche issue. :-)
nightwingken June 21st, 2002 | Link | hi,im currently looking for
hi,im currently looking for a car,any suggestions,im about 525! ken
Mark October 15th, 2002 | Link | Thanks for the link. I'm
Thanks for the link. I'm another big guy who's hunting a car. I wanted to point out that Beetle's are great...unless you're 6'2". Plenty of room, but the shift knob is right at my knee, and my knee depresses the shift button all the time. Very dangerous. My wife loves hers, and if it wasn't for that shift knob, I'd be all over it.
Melissa February 14th, 2003 | Link | Toyota Tacoma 4x4 extra cab
Toyota Tacoma 4x4 extra cab pickups from the late 90's are good. Also some of the older Nissan Pathfinders probably 1990-1995. I've had one of each and they are wonderful.
Carol April 8th, 2003 | Link | Has anyone looked at the PT
Has anyone looked at the PT Cruiser vs the VW New Bug for comparison on comfortable seating?
Paul April 8th, 2003 | Link | Versus the Bug, I have not.
Versus the Bug, I have not. But I own a PT and think it is quite roomy. It does require seatbelt extenders for larger folks, though; I understand the Bug's built-in belts are quite long and can accommodate people of many sizes. A bonus with the PT is the height of the vehicle. It's not a step up like an SUV, and you also don't have to step down into it.

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