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Where 150 Pounds is Fat

A very disturbing report for any woman using birth control: if you're over 150 pounds, your dosage may not work properly.

The problems with the report are multiple. The first and most obvious concern is that a 150 pound woman is considered fat here; whereas 200 pounds always seemed to be the "magic fat figure" people used, this subtly pushes that number down to 150 pounds. Second, in all the years The Pill has been offered it's surprising that just now this information is coming out. Third, the study suggests (but does not prove) that women over 150 pounds, including fat women, may simply not be taking birth control properly.

150 pounds, for a woman, is not fat. Plain and simple.

The media spin on the story, naturally, has been that if you're fat, birth control might not work. This is yet another way to coerce people into thinking fat is a bad thing; certainly, birth control is an important option for millions of women. Throwing the scare of an unwanted or unplanned pregnancy into the anti-fat fire is disturbing. [Thanks to Emily and Anne for the tips.]

Humiliating. | International No Diet Day!

Christine May 6th, 2002 | Link | [sarcasm]Well, geez, what
[sarcasm]Well, geez, what does it matter? Fat women are so ugly, no one wants to have sex with them, right? So why would they NEED birth control???[/sarcasm] Seriously, I weigh around 200 pounds, and I stand 5'10". I MIGHT be comfortable at 150 pounds, but I'm not sure about that. I understand that many *supermodels* who are my height weigh half what I do, and frankly, I don't know how the hell they can survive. I'm not sure if 200 lbs should be considered as *fat*, for a woman of my height...sure, I wear plus-sized clothing, but I don't think of myself as *fat*. I am happy the way I am! Oh...and until my husband had a vasectomy last year...I took birth control pills...and had NO problems! So, no...I don't buy this story for one minute!
Amanda May 6th, 2002 | Link | WOW, at least they
WOW, at least they acknowledged that fat women have sex. But, of course, they are stupid and can't take the pill right. Heaven forbid that a fat woman be smart and getting laid!! As I was reading this article, a commerical come on the radio for a model search in the Dallas area. They are "even looking for plus sized models...size 10 and over!" Who decided this? Size 10--plus sized? 150 lbs--fat? Did I miss something?
Emily May 6th, 2002 | Link | Hi, I didn't see the report,
Hi, I didn't see the report, but I did read what they had on CNN. Now, I don't consider myself fat at about 160, though a fat-phobic individual might. What is scary is society's continual lowering of the threshold. If 200 was once the magic fat number, and it's now being lowered to 150 (which many people consider slightly overweight, but not fat), where will it end? One of the CNN pictures had a scale oic with the needle pointing at about 130. Is that the magic "thin" number now? That may not be safe for taller woman. These so-called experts need to take height and overall health into account. We shouldn't have to starve ourselves to be thin, and just to reach a magic number.
CompassRose May 6th, 2002 | Link | I don't see the point of the
I don't see the point of the fuss. Larger people have more mass, and so may require a larger dose of medication. D'uh. This is often taken into account with other medication, as far as I know (reduced dosages for children, etc.) so why not with birth control? I'm sure the same thing would apply to women who are simply larger -- i.e., taller -- and simply weigh more. And at 5'4", when I weighed 150 pounds, yes, I was fat. Not as fat as when I hit 200, but fat. It's all relative.
sandra June 9th, 2002 | Link | Remember- most models are
Remember- most models are teenagers so it's likely that they'll be naturally skinny and able to be like 5'10 120 lbs!! for an older woman this weight would be ridiculous!
Mary August 17th, 2002 | Link | I am 5'9 150 pounds and I am
I am 5'9 150 pounds and I am now being considered fat. How depressing!
Cyn November 11th, 2002 | Link | Models of any size are
Models of any size are supposed to be taller than the average woman. So when a plus model is wearing a size 14 at 5'10, she isn't really all that "plus". However, a size 14 on a 5'4 1/2 woman IS usually plus. I'm 5'2 and a size 2, which would be all right, but if I was 5'10, I'd be considered sick.

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