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Fat "Concentration Camps"?

By the way, here's a short note about the Roseanne fat comment, with an actual quote:
"Fat people should be put in concentration camps and gassed if they can't change."
Hm. Shirley Sheffield (who is this? she's credited as "activist", which is a wee bit vague) offers a good retort.

Wow! Here's another young | Remember, even if you're

Shirley the Activist July 19th, 2002 | Link | I'm the San Francisco Bay
I'm the San Francisco Bay Area fat activist who commented on the Roseanne Barr "concentration camp" quote -- I'm former Grand Poobah of the SFBA Chapter of NAAFA, member of FAT LIP Readers Theatre, and founding member of the Padded Lilies (fat women's synchro swim team -- you may have seen us on Jay Leno's "Tonight Show" or on a BBC program about the "fat gene"). So there you have it!

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