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Very cool: there's now an Emme doll, complete with Actual Woman-Sized Hips and Breasts. It's currently out of the mass-market range ($100-$150) but a lower-cost version would certainly offset Barbie's unattainable, unrealistic, and potentially damaging size.

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Caribe April 18th, 2002 | Link | Hello all---the truth is,in
Hello all---the truth is,in reference to large women,generally,I much prefer large women to the scrawny,almost shapeless,form of Barnie or the under nourished figures of many of the Models,used in leading magazines (although most of the magazines seem to have gone away from the "Twiggy" image that was popular in the 60's & 70's). I would love to see a magazine that is devoted to the figure of BBWs (Big Beautiful Women)--BBW Models would definitely hold my interest. So,to you "over sized" ladies out there---I think you're beautiful & I think that the under weight females who are perpetually dieting should wise up & eat,& enjoy life. Because,when I look for a woman,I look for one that weighs more than 90 pounds (much more). So,all of you ladies eat : )
Stephanie June 20th, 2002 | Link | I am not saying that Barbie
I am not saying that Barbie has a healthy body image, but neither does Emme. Being fat is not healthy and should not be considered "average." This is teaching young girls that it is okay to eat unhealthy foods and not get any excercise.
Paul June 20th, 2002 | Link | Stephanie, have you read
Stephanie, have you read this site?
leslie July 29th, 2002 | Link | When I was a little girl
When I was a little girl (say 20-25 years ago), Barbie dolls all had blonde hair and blue eyes. Then one day I was given a Barbie with dark hair, brown eyes and darker skin, a Barbie that looked like me! I have kept the doll to this day because she represented a milestone for me, Mattel finally realised that not every little girl is blue-eyed and blonde-haired. Now it's easy to find dolls of any race and colour. So why not any size? A real-life Barbie would be anorexic and probably too thin to have breasts, breasts this size would be implants. Incidentally a real woman this thin would also stop having periods. Why should we accept this unhealthy role model for young children?
Sasha October 25th, 2002 | Link | Stephanie, you are being
Stephanie, you are being stereotypical right there, do you realize this? You say the "Emme" doll teaches girls to eat unhealthy, and never exercise? That's what being overweight symbolizes to you? :( ~Sasha
Chelsey November 4th, 2002 | Link | A girlís self-confidence
A girlís self-confidence should not be dependent upon a doll and, to agree with Stephanie, childhood obesity is much more widespread in our society than anorexia. Society needs to focus less on being thin ñ or being fat - and simply try to be healthy.
Sus January 9th, 2003 | Link | Caribe - Thank you. While
Caribe - Thank you. While some may disagree with you, it's nice to have someone acknowledge plus-sized beauty. As for a BBW magazine, I recommend checking used bookstores for back issues of MODE.
Sarah February 20th, 2003 | Link | Stephanie Don't you get it?
Stephanie Don't you get it? Emme is not "fat" she is NORMAL!!!!!!!
Janet March 20th, 2003 | Link | I am a BBW (big beautiful
I am a BBW (big beautiful woman) who was obsessed with my size in High School. If my weight topped at 118 I was excercising and dieting. As I grew up and older, my size has , too. Luckily, my husband ADORES me the way I am now. He thinks I am the sexiest woman on earth . I am a size 22!!. God bless my Guardian Angels for bringing him into my life!He swears there are many men who feel like he does, they are just too worried about what other guys would say if they admit to loving healthy, voluptuous, sexy women, with breasts and big bottoms!!!My thanks to Emme and Kathy Bates and Kamyrn Manheim and others for proving to the world that we are sexy!!!
Victoria March 30th, 2003 | Link | Well I'm very happy there
Well I'm very happy there are healthier alternatives in the toy market, but I must say I hope Barbie always remains. I am offended how being a minority (skinny and tall, a model-esque 98 pounds) leads to attack (usually called anorexic) in current society. As having a smaller sized waist becomes less common, the more estranged I feel. I may get more honks and rude comments from men, but that doesn't make me feel better as a human being....I find those with overweight figures treat me with disrespect in many circumstances. Being thin doesn't give you respect, which is good, because it doesn't make you a better person in any way, shape, or form. I just hope everyone keeps in mind that EVERY SIZE can be beautiful-yes, I size 0, too! Love, Victoria (proud size 0)
Georgett Taylor May 15th, 2003 | Link | Hello, I think that Emme and
Hello, I think that Emme and our company, Big Beautiful Dolls, Inc. who introduced the first full-figured doll to the Fashion Doll World, our Dasia Doll was nominated for the 2002 Dolls Execellence Award, has done very good things for the self-esteem of young girls and women who are plus size. Not everybody is a Barbie, you know. We want them to also understand that being healthy is most important, but we also want them to understand that because you are full-figured you are just as beautiful as the next person. That they too can be represented in the doll world, just as they can be represented in the model world, television, film, etc. It'a about loving who you are and other people showing you respect for who you are and not disrepecting you because you look a different way. That's the true issue. Our dolls are beautiful and they proved this by being nominated and by having others follow our lead. Thank you.

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