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NAAFA's Press Conference on Bullying and Safe Schools-C-SPAN

NAAFA just had their annual conference, held in Washington DC again this year. In recent years they have started to focus very seriously on the attack on fat kids, and I am really impressed with their efforts, especially this year.

Yesterday, August 8th, NAAFA held a press conference addressing the bullying of fat kids and demanding that weight and height be included in the Safe Schools Improvement Act of 2010, which requires schools receiving federal funding to address bullying and put anti-bullying statements into their codes of conduct.
Watch NAAFA's Press Conference on Bullying and Safe Schools on C-SPAN. It's nearly 40 minutes long!

CNN also covered the story here.

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August 10th, 2011 | Link | That CNN article is

That CNN article is excellent. This, especially, really hits the nail on the head:

"One in six children are being bullied," association board member Jason Docherty said. "Eighty-five percent of those bullying cases are children of size or with visible handicaps. So a federal law that does not protect those children is a federal law without teeth."

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August 10th, 2011 | Link | An uncharacteristically

An uncharacteristically balanced article from the usually fat-loathing CNN, and it's good to see NAAFA stepping up to the plate on this, because the noxious notion that social stigma and denormalisation (which are basically just fancy words for bullying) are acceptable means to the end of getting rid of fat children has become far too readily accepted amongst policy-makers, media and populace alike.

I'm sure I read somewhere that the greatest risk of mortality for an 'obese' teenager is not diabetes, heart disease or 'choking on her own fat' but suicide? That should come as a sobering revelation to anyone involved in this war on fat people but in our topsy-turvy world of messed-up priorities it'll no doubt be jumped upon as yet another reason why fat children should be forced to lose weight at any cost.

And as usual, avoid the comments like the plague.

"What is right is not always popular and what is popular is not always right" - Albert Einstein

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