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Hi, I'm a fat chick. I've always been a fat chick. Always will be a fat chick. Yo-yo dieted for 20 years, dieting is a link to depression for me. So I wont diet again. I think the way western society treats and portrays fat people is cruel. I can't abide cruelty. I was "teased" about my weight all through primary and intermediate school (everyone called it teasing back then). I still get nasty comments in the street ("fat bitch", vomit noises, etc.). By working hard at it I live a pretty good life under the circumstances. I'm a librarian, I like reading, writing, yakking, going to science fiction conventions, films, watching telly. Don't have kids, but I do have a sweet little ginger cat called Murphy.

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  • worrier has been with BFB for 12 years 3 weeks? It's true!
  • worrier hails from Wellington, New Zealand?

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