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I'm a computer security analyst working primarily with Macs these days. I'm a techie geek type who does crafts and who is really into music - I play keyboard/synth with the praise band at my church. I'm in charge of the drama department at my church as well. I'm also getting married October 29, 2007 to an incredible guy. Oh, and yeah, I'm fat. That's pretty much an afterthought, because although it is who I am, as I've been fat pretty much my whole life, I've never let it affect what I do. Why should I? If someone doesn't like it, or doesn't like me because of it, it's their problem, not mine. Let's face it - some people in this world will always find a reason to hate other people. If it weren't because a person is fat, they'd just find something else. Some people are just that way. My philosophy is to live my life to the fullest, do what I feel is right, and ignore those who want to put me down, whatever the reason they are using for doing so, whether it's because I'm fat, or blonde, or my eyes are blue, or just because I smile too darn much.

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