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Orig from NY, now in MD. I've been Big/Fat/Obese/whathaveyou since early childhood. Reading through the various forums and bulletin-boards I've joined or visited over the years I've come away with the impression that I've been pretty fortunate. I've never been ostracized, heckled, badgered, and I can only think of one time a kindly older gentleman on the street tried to convince me how WLS could change my life the way it did his (Nice guy. He was fortunate I didn't have time to tell him about the friend I'd lost to WLS or the friend who'd probably have been better off without it). Obviously, being male is part of the answer. Equally as obvious is the fact that it also- isn't. Read between the lines of any fat, male, blogger or poster and you'll find more than a few tales of pain and persecution on this side of the fence too. The locker room taunts, hallway barbs, and thinly concealed meeting room remarks. The fatman / fatboy jokes and, yes, even comments in restaurants, trains, buses and on the street. From the male perspective, greater physical presence can translate to a lessoned probability of derogatory confrontation (I'm not gonna f*uk with him, he's bigger than me). But, male psych being what it is (more physical / competition / dominance based), it can also carry a down side: An increase in competitive confrontation (I'm gonna poke the Big one with a stick to see if he's a Big Man or just another Fat Boy). With this competitive drive keeping us males (from the Knuckle Draggers to the Big Brains) constantly sniffing each other over on whatever playing field, by whatever measure, for any hint of weakness or unwillingness to engage, these extremes are never more than a razor cut away from each other and usually end up crossing that thin line at will.

Now, with the increasingly shrill media coverage of the 'obesity epidemic', the Big Man archetype is less, large & imposing , and more fat & out-of-shape. The everyday Big Guy is stupid for ignoring his 'obvious' health risks. Even the Fat Geek / Nerd (Neither term being what they once were. Call Bill Gates a geek or Steve Jobs a nerd: Hear their laughter.) is no longer rising up the ladder of respect and envy-ability that the rest of Nerd/Geekdom seems to have attained. Today the Fat intellectual, ANY fat intellectual, is just fat, weak, and therefore the epitome of what a geek or a nerd USED to be: Worthless.

I 'm, admittedly, somewhat of an entrenched pessimist. However, I do hold out hope that the human race has the ability to improve itself and, eventually, change many of it's self inflicted attitudes. BFB is one of a few jewels of logic and reason that I can hold up to the light as proof.

>>I don't have a weight problem. YOU have a problem with
>>MY weight. Perhaps, together, we can find a building tall
>>enough for you to step off of and finally resolve your little

Found quote-
A posted response to a,
fat hating, troll

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