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I'm currently employed as a alcohol prevention specialist working with teens. Prior to that, I worked in child abuse prevention/intervention for 13 years. I started my professional life as a Montessori teacher.
I am divorced, the mother of two and grandmother of one. I struggled with my weight from the age of 12 to 58, at which point I decided that I had had enough and stopped dieting. I am large and it isn't my favorite but, by God, I can live with it. Since I stopped dieting, I gained a little weight and then my weight stabilized. I honestly believe that dieting causes overweight and that, while you can't be addicted to food, you can be to dieting.
I was a tom boy as a child, am the oldest in my family of siblings, have owned my own consulting business, lived in 5 states while in grammar school, and now in a 6th. I live in an apartment on a hillside one half block from wilderness and can see eagles circling from my window while I'm at my computer. I live with two young neutered tom cats, named Merry and Pippin, and have been known to write poems about them. They are cuddly and energetic and I call them my hooligan boys.
I pride myself on my intellect and read voraciously and about a wide range of subjects and fiction genres. One of my great-grandmothers was arrested for trying to vote before it was legal and my 10th great grandmother was one of the first three women arrested for witchcraft in Salem and was the only one who refused to name anyone else. I am inordinately proud of them both.

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