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HAES is blowin up

Hey BFBers, this is sort of an interim post, but there is some crazy-good HAES stuff going on lately.

First, if you haven't already joined Linda Bacon's HAES community, you should totally do it! And sign the pledge! For those of you who don't know, Linda will be speaking at the NAAFA conference in Washington D.C. this year.

Second, this article by Lucy Aphamor in The Guardian rocks my socks! Thanks to Beanietude for bringing it up in the forums. Lucy says:

The hardest leap for practitioner and client alike can be the idea that all bodies are worthy of respect; that it is permissible and important to appreciate and care for the body you live in, whatever size you are; that bodies should not be disliked or despised for their lack of conformity to a particular size or shape.

This is a "HAES 101" that kicks ass and takes names. It's nothing most of you haven't heard before, but that's okay. If it's too 101 for you, post it on Facebook/Twitter/whatever or keep it in your file to send to someone if you get a chance to educate someone on HAES. I do wish that general HAES articles would do a little more to address class and race issues because they are, let's be honest, very central to the way that fatness/nutrition gets discussed and anti-fat arguments get deployed.

Also, Charlotte Cooper gives us the news that HAES UK was launched this weekend! (Lucy Aphramor also links to it in her Guardian article.) Did anyone go to the event? If so, please report!

Finally, how should we react to all this HAES stuff becomming more mainstream? Are you seeing this reflected in your every day lives?

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May 11th, 2009 | Link | Unfortunately I'm not seeing

Unfortunately I'm not seeing it becoming more mainstream in my everyday life, but maybe I will before too long.

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May 12th, 2009 | Link | The Gaurdian article is

The Gaurdian article is really, just make sure you have some sanity watchers points saved up if you try and read the comments.

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May 18th, 2009 | Link | I agree, perhaps the medical

I agree, perhaps the medical community is slowly coming around to the idea (still many Health Professionals insist that a small weight loss of 20lbs or so would be "beneficial" for any fat person's condition(s)) but the Susan Powders of the world don't even want to hear about fat people being healthy, never mind being happy and accepting themselves. I try to skip comments on articles like this so I can stay in my little fat-happy bubble of reality. Anyone on here is welcome to join me in my bubble anytime.

JennyLinsky May 28th, 2009 | Link | HAES is a big part of my

HAES is a big part of my life. My husband called me upstairs for dinner last night and scolded me for not "eating real food all day."

My intake for that day? Two bowls of Kashi Go-Lean. (Almost nothing to eat and I didn't feel like cooking on our elderly stove.)

The Jamaican curried goat and ginger beer I had for dinner was delicious.

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May 30th, 2009 | Link | More UK fat activism

Lucy Aphramor's Guardian article is just part of what is growing in the UK right now. This year has already seen the Invasion of the Chubsters at the London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, the launch of HAES UK, research council the ESRC funding 2 years of fat studies seminars and in July the book I'm co-editing, 'Fat Studies in the UK' will be published by Raw Nerve Books. It's a very exciting time for fat activism. At the same time, day to day life is still a struggle. Our family doctors are paid incentives to proscribe weight loss, children are weighed in schools and fat jokes reign on every single comedy show. But we're fighting and we're creating and documenting our culture. These are good times in tough times. I'm excited about what is still to come.

If people are interested in keeping up to date with fat studies and fat activism in the UK, join the fat studies uk Yahoo list

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