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Chicago: Help Save a Plus-Size Business

If you're in the Chicago area, there's a store that could use your help to stay afloat.

Oak Park's Sew Particular - an alteration shop specializing in plus sizes - and its companion consignment shop It's Sew You are holding a 'Help Me Stay in Business' sale. Shop owner Vivian Colette is behind on rent by several months and could be out of business altogether soon.

Colette, 56, is single, and says the business is her only source of income. If her last-ditch effort fails, she's uncertain of her next step. Working out of home isn't ideal. She started out with an at-home venture and knows that many of her customers who are handicapped would have difficulty climbing stairs to her home.

When my wife needed a dress altered last year, Vivian was nothing but professional, helpful, and welcoming.

Here's a map of the store and the website. Please check it out.

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LWalker December 22nd, 2008 | Link | Awww.....too bad I don't

Awww.....too bad I don't live in Illinois. I'd definitely do what I could to help save her business. However, that doesn't mean I couldn't plan a few trips to Illinois and shop there. Illinois is only about a 6½ to 7-hour drive from Minneapolis and about a 1-hour, 20-minute plane ride. We shall see. Smiling

Thanks, Paul, for the info. Smiling

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