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Campos Goes After Michael Savage, Obama

AndyJo discovered a great Paul Campos piece in which he goes after radio talk show host Michael Savage for - ready? - suggesting that fat people be put in "work camps".

I'm not kidding. Neither was Savage.

In the course of what began as an attack on Hillary Clinton's support for universal health care, he vented his disgust toward "fat women," and claimed that nonthin Americans didn't deserve access to health care.

That a shameless demagogue like Savage advocates concentration camps for people with what he considers inappropriate bodies is bad enough (Savage's parents, it's worth noting in this context, were Jewish).

I really do wonder why fat people - particularly women - threaten Savage (and other folks) so. It seems to be common. "But if women get fat, the world will end!"

In addition, Campos calls out Senator Obama - remember, we owe him $1 trillion - for his comments:

The reality is that a significant portion of the anti-fat hysteria that has gripped the culture over the past decade is driven by a desire to find any plausible excuse for not doing what every other developed nation in the world does: provide basic health care for all citizens.

Great stuff as always. [Thanks, AndyJo!]

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December 19th, 2007 | Link | I do have to disagree with

I do have to disagree with Campos that we don't know how to return to 1980s obesity levels. I at least know how to start: reverse the 1998 redefinition of "overweight" and "obesity." That'll take care of something like 35 million "overweight" people right there.

I did some research into costs of older obese and overweight seniors to Medicare for work, and found something interesting (it would be great if I still had a reference, but since this part got cut from the article, I didn't keep it): obese and underweight seniors (over 70) cost Medicare the same amount per year, somewhat more than overweight or normal-weight seniors. Not a huge surprise, since both obesity and underweight are correlated with disease. But the obese people lived so much longer than the underweight ones that they ended up costing Medicare a lot more overall, simply by virtue of NOT DYING.

Meowzer December 19th, 2007 | Link | Michael Savage? Nothing he

Michael Savage? Nothing he says surprises me. Absolutely nothing. He makes Rush Limbaugh sound like Walter freakin' Cronkite.

He does, however, give us an opportunity to get our talking points together when someone who's not a fringe nutbag is possessed by the magical "money saving properties" of this idea, which I'm sure will happen sooner or later. Like, for starters, eliminating a significant percentage of the population at random would putatively save the government money too, so do you favor just randomly dropping bombs on major cities to clear them out? Also, how long do you propose keeping people in "the camps" -- you do know it can take a good year or more of starving and sweating to get a fat person thin, right? -- and what are their families and employers supposed to do without them that whole time? And do you realize just how much more expensive that's going to be than just letting people's fat asses simply be? After all, it's not like most of us will just "go in" once and that's it, we'll be in and out, in and out, in and out our whole entire lives. Unless we die, of course. And remember, death is a HUUUGE money-saver.

I like what Kate Harding suggested instead. (KH, you let me know if I remember this right.) If "obesity" kills, and overeating is its sole cause, why not just let us loose on mountains of food and let us all eat ourselves to death?

sarahj December 20th, 2007 | Link | Savage, among other things,

Savage, among other things, is a nutrition nut. His comments, while shocking, are no surprise. He's said MUCH worse.

As for Obama, that is a real disappointment.

Sirriamnis December 20th, 2007 | Link | Fat women threaten him

Fat women threaten him because they are so obviously not working to gain his approval.

I kind of went off on that tangent in one of my own blogs:

profe December 21st, 2007 | Link | Michael savage video

Duplicate posting at

I was the one who brought this to Campos' attention. Pretty horrific, even for talk radio.

I suggest flagging the video as offensive.

Notblue January 4th, 2008 | Link | Confused.

Okay, maybe I'm just slow or need some coffee this afternoon, but I'm not exactly sure what Obama is trying to say in that quote. Is he insinuating that Americans will point to any excuse to not have universal health care? Or that people don't want universal healthcare because of all the "omg fats"? or am I totally off base?

"Kind words are short and easy to speak but their echoes are truly endless." Mother Theresa

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