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Calling out fatphobic attacks on Rob Ford

Shameless, a Toronto-based youth magazine, is calling out fellow lefties for their fatphobic treatment of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford in an article called Fatness and Rob Ford, by Julia Horal-O'Brian.

I am a fat person who bicycles. I am a fat person who does not own a car. I am a fat person who cares about the environment. I am a fat person with progressive politics, who volunteers for progressive organizations, and who happens to carry around more adipose tissue than average. When you tell Rob Ford that he’s a fat fuck who needs to get on a bike, you erase me as a fat cyclist. When you say that mentioning Ford’s weight is justified metaphorically because it represents conservative values, you erase me as a fat progressive. If you think that correlating Ford’s fatness with his terrible politics doesn’t also strongly imply a criticism of fat more broadly, you aren’t thinking critically.

When you use fatness as an insult, you are chipping away at my hard-earned sense of dignity, acceptance and self-love of my fat body. And when you brush off my concerns about the language we’re using in our critiques of the mayor, I’m hearing, loud and clear, that I don’t have the right progressive body, that I fall outside your realm of acceptability as a progressive person in Toronto.

Perhaps the best part of this is the comments, where plenty of stereotypes and mistaken assumptions come up and are quickly corrected. Lots of people there really seem to get it.

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July 29th, 2011 | Link | Ack. Thanks. I had it

Ack. Thanks. I had it right in the article, wrong in the headline. Fixed now. It was, BTW, accidental.

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