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I'm not keen on long, draconian privacy policies, so here's the information you
need to know:

  • We will never sell your personal information, or use it for any purpose other
    than logging in/out, demographics for our own knowledge, and any voluntary features
    of the site.
  • We use cookies with minimal information in them. See below for details.
  • We use Google Analytics, which is covered by Google's Privacy Policy.
  • We allow you to contact other members via profile pages, but no private information is sent.
  • At Big Fat Index your name and email address are collected, but
    never publicly displayed.

Without further ado, the details.

Personal Information: All of the personal information we collect
is noted on your profile page. That includes your name, email, website address,
date of birth, and biographic information. You must have a valid email address to
participate in BFB. This information is placed in our database, which is protected behind multiple

Your personal information entered during registration is not made available to advertisers.

At Big Fat Index (BFI), your name and email address are required to submit a link. This
information is stored in a database protected behind multiple passwords, and is not used
for any purpose at this time.

Cookies: BFB uses a cookie on your computer in order to check if you're
logged in or not. All other information is
located on BFB's server. The cookie will not be deleted by your browser unless
you explicitly log out of the site.

Members found to be abusing the contact form, using it for commercial purposes, or
otherwise breaking the Community Guidelines will have his/her membership suspended.
Please report any abuse.

If you need any clarification or further details on any part of this policy, please
contact us or post a question/comment below!

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